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How you can Manage Medication Adherence During Travel?

Medicines during Travel

Traveling is an exciting experience that offers a break from the daily routine. But for those who need to take medications regularly, traveling can be a daunting task. Managing medication adherence during travel can be challenging, and it’s not uncommon to miss doses or forget to take them altogether. Are you struggling to keep up […]

Best Pill Organizers Tools for Keeping Your Medications in Order

best pills organizer tool

Are you struggling to keep track of your medications? Do you often forget to take your prescribed doses? Managing multiple medications can be a challenging task, but with the right tools, you can stay organized and improve your medication adherence. Pill organizers are an essential tool for anyone needing medication regularly. These handy devices come […]

What is the Link Between Hypertension and Kidney Disease?

Link Between Hypertension and Kidney Disease

Hypertension and kidney disease are two silent killers that often go hand in hand. In India, where the burden of these diseases is significant, managing them effectively becomes crucial. People suffering from hypertension can reduce the diameter of blood vessels, which can be damaging and weakening for your body. If your age is over 60 […]

Importance of Monitoring Blood Sugar Levels in Diabetes Management

Blood sugar levels monitor

Diabetes requires careful management to ensure overall health and well-being. Blood sugar monitoring is crucial for effective diabetes management. This helps people understand how their bodies respond to medication, dietary choices, and lifestyle factors. However, they may not have the time and chance to keep checking their sugar levels.  Let’s take the case of Mrs. […]

Why is adherence to blood pressure medication important?

Blood Pressure Medication

Hypertension or high blood pressure is not a health concern that is unheard of. It usually remains unnoticed as it does not show any symptoms at first. However, once you are affected by it, you have to live your entire life with it. This is a daily battle, but taking your medications consistently is key […]

Reasons Why People Struggle with Medication Adherence

Struggling with Medication Adherence

Medication adherence is like a bridge connecting us to better health outcomes. It plays a crucial role in managing health conditions effectively. However, it’s no secret that many people struggle with adhering to their medication regimens. In India, where medication non-adherence is alarmingly prevalent, understanding the barriers individuals face becomes essential. 50% of Indian people […]